3 Year Old Cries When She Hears Adam Levine Has Gotten Married


A little girl is very upset when she hears that Adam Levine Got Married! She considers Adam to be her boyfriend and she’s a big fan. But, I think Adam Levine’s youngest fan had some marriage plans of her own.

Young Mila learned about Adam Levine getting married and she started crying. Mila’s mom video taped her receiving the news of his nuptials. Somehow, Ellen DeGeneres got hold of the video and arranged for Adam Levine to meet the 3 year old. Mila and her mom were both on the show, and the little girl did not know Adam was going to be there.

Adam walked out from behind a curtain to surprise the little girl, he offered her a rose and she accepted it. He picked her up and hugged her, and that’s when Mila became shy and reached for her mother. I think it was a little too much for the 3 year old. But watch the video of her meeting Adam Levine. It’s precious!

I wonder now if the little girl is going to be his biggest fan or if she will move on. If the little girl grew up and married Adam, that would be a fantastic story. But Adam would practically be an old man by the time little Mia turns 18.

Adam is married right now. But we all know that marriages rarely last more than ten years these days. Hopefully Adam will not be one of the statistics for divorce, and his marriage will last till death do we part. Poor little Mila, her heart must be broken.