Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson Accidentally Kiss On Stage


When you talk about an awkward moment this one will force you to read the whole article because it’s all time favourite One Direction band. During a concert in Birmingham, England, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were messed with each other when their lips accidentally met! Watch the hilarious moment happen below!

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Louis Tomlinson, 23, and Liam Payne, 22, just gave “let me kiss you” a new meaning! As One Direction wrapped up their concert in Birmingham, England, on Oct. 10, Louis and Liam were celebrating another great show with some goofing around. But it turned into quite an awkward situation when their embrace unintentionally resulted in a little smooch!

The “kiss” has gone viral as Directioners began sharing the video clip with the hashtag, “#lilokiss”. While some Directioners jokingly declared that they were jealous of the kiss, others say that the kiss never happened and that the encounter was close enough for it to look like it happened, but it didn’t.A Twitter user named @chiarakuhn1256 wrote, “I just love this video I’m laughing soo hard #lilokiss #LiLoisReal.” Another fan with the handle @aesthetelwt tweeted, “actually if you watch the video it doesn’t look like they kissed but if you pause it it literally looks like a kiss #lilokiss.” Similarly, @Larry_Evidences felt, “If we stop the video it really seems they kissed by accident by omg this is so funny, their faces. #lilokiss.”

As they love doing during their shows, Liam and Louis were messing with each other at the end of the concert. After a little roughhousing, the boys have their arms around one another — but when they happened to lean in at the same time, their lips totally seemed to touch! A fan caught the funny moment on tape, and you can see the video here!

Last time they were both caught on camera, they were in a scuffle! Liam shoved Louis pretty hard when their onstage playfulness got a bit out of hand. But Liam took to Twitter right away to ensure fans it still was in good fun!Even though it was probably a pretty awkward situation for Louis and Liam, we’re glad to see them so happy on stage together.
But the thing is whatever they both are doing we know that they’re always just goofing off, maybe next time they will be a more careful and cautious on the stage and how close their lips get.