Activist Spends a Year in Freezer to Oppose Global Warming



A woman in California discovered a completely original way to denounce global warming and raise awareness about it.

Jade Martens is a 26 year old Greenpeace activist. She has just spent a full 12 months inside a small commercial freezer as a protest against the poor performance of the Obama administration on the subject of carbon dioxide emissions. She wants to continue her stay in the freezer till the time the government does something concrete.

This young woman slept, ate, and even relieved herself inside the small chest freezer of 6′x3′x4′. The freezer was kept in the hall of the San Francisco Congress Center. Jade just gave herself the liberty of standing up a few times every day for stretching.

She hoped that this incredible stance will draw public attention and educate people on the urgent need to protect the environment, and this will force the government to finally take positive action.

And like she hoped, she was able to certainly draw attention. Speaking to the reporters, Jade said, “The government and the corporations aren’t doing anything for the environment. Somebody had to do something, so I decided to take action myself. I hope that my actions can help raise awareness about global warming, and can eventually bring some political change”.

Miss Martens agrees that her action is putting a great strain on her mental and physical condition. However she insists on staying inside the freezer for another year at least. It could be even more if my health permits, she says.

Danish filmmaker, Hans Mitzbërg, has already decided to make a documentary about her militant action.

However, most people passing by at the San Francisco Congress Center seem to be either indifferent or amused by Jade’s stunt. But she is undeterred. Miss Martens says, “My sacrifice is necessary for a better world”.