Actors who started their career with Horror Movies


Entering the film industry is a hard task. Well, actors from around the world travel to Los Angeles to try their luck in Hollywood. And to get a role in the golden mile of cinema is very difficult and puts the ropes the dream of many actors.

With this delicate situation is normal at the first chance and as much as the movie is small productions or series B, artists start trying to play characters that do not fit years after his successful career, reaching even ashamed of their early. One of the genres that started the most popular actors of today is that of terror since in the decade of the 80s and 90s was one of the categories that most opted for new faces. You will be surprised how many stars in the Hollywood film industry began screaming with fear.

Johnny Depp

Before being the unforgettable Captain Jack Sparrow in the saga of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was a scruffy teenager who tried to escape the clutches of Freddy Krueger. It was in 1985 when a young Johnny Depp no trace of earrings or tattoos made ​​his film debut starring as Glen Lantz in the horror film “Nightmare on Elm Street ‘. His debut is especially remembered by fans because of horror by the way Krueger kills him. And the shocking scenes of murders resulted in raising over $ 25 million and a legion of followers.

Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the darlings of Hollywood in recent decades began his career in a kind of film that is far from the films for which he has been nominated for Oscars five times. His debut on film was in 1991 with only 17 playing Josh in the third installment of the saga of horror and science fiction “Critters”. Although he had previously appeared in various TV series he was escaping carnivorous aliens so it became known to the general public.

Jennifer Aniston

One of the most famous faces of the small screen, known worldwide as Rachel in “Friends” series began her acting career starring in a horror film budget. And it is that a year before joining the cast of the hit NBC comedy, the winner of a Golden Globe premiered the film “Night Elf”, which was pursued by a murderous troll played by Warwick Davis, known to be the interpreter of Willow. Her first film was a prelude to her successful career as it went on to gross more than eight million US dollars with a budget of just $ 900,000.

George Clooney

Long before to be known as one of the sex symbols of Hollywood, George Clooney had a myriad of roles in both film and television. He began his career on the hit medical series “ER” in the mid-80s, but it was not until years later when he made ​​the first foray into Hollywood with a small performance in a movie that mixed horror and comedy called ‘Terror in the institute’.

Years later, in 1988, he was also part of the cast of “The Return of the tomatoes murderers,” the sequel to “The attack of the tomatoes murderers”. Both are B-movie whose argument is that a genetically modified tomatoes by the US government rebel and start attacking citizens.

Viggo Mortensen

Aragorn legendary saga “The Lord of the Rings” was another of the actors began frightening. It was in the third installment of the saga ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ in 1991 when he joined the family as Tex Sawyer, one of his first works. Unlike other genres that mix humor and terror, Mortensen was part of one of the most successful franchises in terror of history. The first installment was released in 1974 with a budget of $ 140,000 raising more than 30 million in US only.