Alleviate Anxiety About Theatre Performances With These Tips


Veteran theatergoers often know about a cast before attending a show, and that experience can seem intimidating to anyone who is new to the world of theatre. This is because most lovers of the stage fully understand how to prepare for theatre performances so as to get the most out of their evening. With the tips below, even a first-time theatergoer can have a smooth and fun theatre experience.

Understand the Storyline

Try to do a little research online and read summaries of the plot. A little information about the storyline can give you more understanding of the gestures, lines, and comments.

Make Yourself Comfortable

When choosing what to wear to the theatre, stay away from wears that may be itchy or difficult to put on for three or more hours. Make sure you also prepare for the possibility that the theatre may be chilly or warm. Go to the theatre with a sweater or put on a suit with a light jacket that can be removed easily. Make sure you focus on your comfort level to properly enjoy the show.

Ask About The Venue

Most venues for theatre performances now have maps available online to help you locate the venue without stress. Make sure you are familiar with the venue before heading out. Also, you need to know where to park and if it will cost money to do so. Check the venue for restrooms and how to get to the proper seats. To be more comfortable, you need to know what to expect. You need to understand the venue layout including where and who to ask if you need help.

Read Any Printed Information

When a playbill is handed out, take one and read it thoroughly. Plays with historical settings or cultural references that may not be familiar to everyone are often explained in the provided literature. By arriving at the theatre early, you will have time to read about the cast, the director, and the venue itself. This information can ease any concerns about being unsure of who is portraying which character in the play. Also, skim the director’s notes as this section can provide helpful information on special notes about the play and what to watch for.

There is nothing like the experience of attending live theatre performances, and these tips can help make the experience a more relaxing one. Above all, new theatergoers should sit back during the show and enjoy the hard work of the actors, set designers, and directors who have put the production together.