Apology: Raven Symone Says She Wasn’t Targeting A Specific Race With With Watermelon Andrea Comment


Well, It’s here, and it didn’t take long, Raven Symone made an apology for some comments she made on The View earlier this week. Is it just me or is there a lot of apologizing going on lately over there? I bet the producers are behind the scenes shaking their heads at the nonsense these ladies come up with. Part of her apology as quoted on AP:

My lack of empathy toward name discrimination was uncalled for.

Raven went on social media and said she is sorry for saying she wouldn’t hire somebody with a ghetto name. That’s mighty nice of her. But, it seems like she really tried to cover her ass when she suggested she wasn’t targeting a specific race in her nasty comment. Quote from AP:

“I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermeloandrea,” she said, later explaining that she heard that name online in a viral video and wasn’t targeting a specific race.

She said she has been discriminated for jobs because of skin color, size, and age. I’m pretty sure when you’re an actor, there’s a WHOLE lot of rejection going on. Rejection should be expected. Right?

Acting is a whole different kind of job. I don’t think ghetto people are waiting in the queue with Raven to compete for a job. You’ve got to have a certain look that’s right for the casting department. Personally, I think Raven should be looking for a new job.

In fact, I think The View producers should fire everyone on the panel and start over. They should go away for a couple of weeks, then come back fresh with new people. I’m really not trying to be judgmental, but I’ve kinda had enough. After the Miss America nurse hate a while back, the show just seems cruddy.

Thanks for the apology, Raven. Now go do something funny.