Briana Jungwirth and Louis Tomlinson – Expecting a Girl


Louis Tomlinson from the famous One Direction band might go off as rumors are around that Briana Jungwirth is pregnant and they’re going to live together in London and it’s a baby girl. The news might seemed heart breaking for some fans who were desparately waiting to see their beloved bands in their city for their upcoming concerts. Though the news might seem to bad for his fans the sources said that he couldn’t be happier about it.

After months of rumors about Louis demanding a paternity test from Briana Jungwirth, it now looks as though the 1D famous and most-loved guy(heartthrob) is embracing his new role as baby daddy.

In fact the rumors are so that both of them have decided to make a home together in London. In the recent times the so called relationship status of “just friends” along with the definition has also changed as both of them have come close and all this isn’t just because of the baby. “Louis is sacrificing all his spare time to see her, They spent last Sunday together after he made a whirlwind stop in LA during what was a rare day off for the band.” The source also claimed that his feelings for her extend deeper than the fact that she is carrying his baby.

“There are very real feelings there, It’s not just about the baby” the source continues.He is very determined and focused to be a great dad and that’s really great to see a youngster taking all this steps. While they’ve been spending a ton of time together though, a relationship isn’t on the horizon just yet.

“He isn’t dating Briana at the moment,” a band insider also told the outlet. “They’re just friends currently. Yes, they have hung out — but they’re not in a relationship.” Perhaps things could change down the road, but for now, it’s great that they’re taking time to get to know one another!

“She’s gone to London to support him while he’s on tour, and Louis plans to be there for the birth,” says the source. “They’re trying to make things work.”

Even more exciting? Louis and Briana have reportedly announced the baby’s gender to family and friends.

“It’s a girl!” says one insider. “They would have been happy either way, but they know he will be a great dad to a daughter because he has six sisters. Louis family is thrilled and Briana’s over the moon!”

Tomlinson claimed to be “excited” about the prospect of fatherhood in past interviews, but inviting Briana to live with him in London is the first indication we’ve had that he’s planning on being a full-time dad. There might be the possibility that the baby isn’t his, but we imagine he and Jungwirth will cross that bridge when they come to it.