Bruce Willis Mocks Donald Trump’s Hair with Funny Wig On


Bruce Willis, who is 60 years old, wore a blonde wig during an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on 17th October. He copied the style of the Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump who is 69 years old.Bruce wore a blonde wig which looked like Donald’s hairstyle. He also wore a black suit and a red tie which is Donald’s style.

As everyone knows that Bruce Willis is bald, so when the audience saw him they couldn’t stop laughing as he was no balder with that wig! He looked extremely funny. The host out of curiosity asked Bruce Willis what exactly was going on. Bruce replies to him saying that his hair has suddenly grown back and also he was a blonde when he was small. The audience couldn’t stop laughing. Bruce Willis went on to say to the host that his hair was completely normal to which the host asked him whether he shaves his head daily. Bruce told him that he does it daily and keeps the bald shiny and neat.

All this humor was not yet over. The host Jimmy showed everyone a series of shots from his few hit movies in which they Photoshopped the pictures of him with the wig that he was wearing at that moment. Those pictures were hilarious and were perfect for the moment. The best one was when he was shown wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap in The Sixth Sense!

Bruce Willis is an actor, producer, musician, writer and a singer. He has 5 children. He has grown in a military family inspiring him for the military. He has performed several military characters in various movies. He went to Iraq in 2003 as part of the USO tour. When he reached there he saw young men and soldiers fighting for their rights, fighting to turn on the water facility back, helping get the power back on.

These are not heard by us. News only show how many people died and how many are injured, but they don’t show what they are doing and why! It’s a shame that we don’t appreciate their reason for what they are doing to help their country. Bruce Willis even owns property in Los Angeles, he rents apartments at Trump Tower and in Riverside South, Manhattan, has multiple properties in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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