Crazy Man Claims To Be Taylor Swift’s Soul Mate, She’s Very Nervous about it


Okay, so there’s this man, let’s call him Riley. We’ll do that since I can’t find his last name plastered anywhere on the net. Anyhow, Riley claims that he is Taylor Swift’s soulmate and that he would give her the love she deserves. He said:

I love her with the kind of love that you would want forever and always.

1989 taylor swift album
1989 taylor swift

He recently went on the Dr Phil show and claimed that he helped Taylor write the song SHAKE IT OFF. Dr Phil pointed out to the guy that he is not credited as a songwriter on the 1989 album. Riley insists that he believes he wrote the song, but he might be mistaken because of all the drugs he was previously using.

With the drugs I was doing for a number of years, I definitely have to look at some of my past actions and toughts.

Riley tells Dr Phil there is a possibility that he (Riley) doesn’t really know Taylor Swift. So then the doctor wants Riley to explain why he is “thinking, feeling, and telling people” that he does know her. Riley says, quote:

I believe everything that we are seeing and perceiving now, has already happened. We’re just catching up with our five senses, and really experiencing it fully.

Holy smokes, I’m thinking, okay, Dr Phil, what’s the real reason this guy is on your show. But, of course, I know the reason. It’s quite obvious the poor guy is definitely not thinking clearly. He claims that he wrote hit song Kryptonite, as well – in addition to hundreds more.

Riley’s mom and stepdad think he’s delusional. I think it’s clear to most of us that the whole thing with Taylor Swift and writing the SHAKE IT OFF song is absolutely false. Also, I doubt that he could correctly judge Taylor as being a soul mate if he possibly never met her. She’s had a number of boyfriends, and she doesn’t seem to have found her Mr Perfect just yet.

Riley needs help, and I am glad he’s on a platform to get help. It’s way better than reading about a tragedy involving Taylor swift and an amorous stalker. Here’s a 3 minute video clip of Riley speaking on the talk show.

Taylor Swift and Mom Andrea Finlay img credit CHRIS-PIZZELLO-INVISION-AP
Taylor Swift and Mom Andrea Finlay img credit CHRIS-PIZZELLO-INVISION-AP

Taylor made a recent announcement that she is taking some time off from music after she wraps up her tour. I think that’s probably a good idea! Taylor’s mom was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and it was reported that she almost cancelled the tour because of it. Her mom always took care of the details, but mom encouraged her to step up and guide the show. Some time off will do her good.