Daniel Craig Is Not Interested To Do another Bond Film


While his fourth James Bond film is about to release, Daniel Craig is a bit more uncertain about his future in the espionage saga.

In intense promotion phase to the release in a few weeks 007 Spectre, Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond since 2006, seems more and more tired. In new interviews granted to Anglo-Saxon media, he responded to questions in an astonishing way. Indeed, it is known for several months that the actor needs a break before considering the possibility to rethread the costume of the most famous spy in the world.

And when the TimeOut magazine asked if he would be ready to turn a new James Bond right away, it does not beat around the bush: “Now I’d break the glass and cut my wrists” He said to Besides that if he did “it would be only for the money.” Daniel Craig says tired of rhythm that imposes the James Bond license him.

Note, however, that although insists he could not string together a shooting immediately, which does not mean he wants to abandon the medium term license. The actor just crying in the press his holiday need, not necessarily a necessity aberrant when we see how the actor is both great contribution made on set but also in great demand around the world to ensure promoting the film relentlessly until its exit event. Of course, journalists also ask it to react about its possible replacement, but the British actor does not feel concerned. “I have nothing to f **** e. Good luck to them. All that interested me is that if I stop, it will have left the license in a good place and they regain and further enhance.

He also a board or not the declared contenders to succeed him (among which we can count Tom Hardy, Damian Lewis, or Kit Harington). “Do not make the m *** e. We must move forward. Nobody makes movies like this. It is very rare now. So do not make the m *** e. “Daniel Craig is generous comments and the Sunday Times when asked if he could imagine a woman in the role of 007, he replied “I do not know. Yes, maybe. That’s another story, but why not? Jasmine Bond?” Before thinking about later, first wait to taste 007 Spectre, which is due out on November 11 in France.

Watch Spectre New trailer here:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4UDNzXD3qA]