Did Christine Ouzounian Sexuate Boss Ben Affleck? Or Is It Deranged Fantasy


Ben Affleck is one sexy piece of human flesh, but he is married to Jennifer Garner. This should mean DO NOT TOUCH. Am I right? Why would an employee even consider crossing the line with an employer. Especially an employer who is famous, and obviously in a marriage involving THREE YOUNG KIDS. No, bitch, don’t go there!

Ben Affleck has said there is no truth in the rumors about him sexing the babysitter Christine Ouzounian, and their relationship was just a friendly employee/employer association. It was said in a rag mag that Ben was having a “relationship” with the babysitter while he was separated from his wife Jennifer Garner. A Ben Affleck rep fired back, saying it was rubbish! Quote:

[Ben Affleck’s spokesperson said] The story is complete garbage and full of lies. It’s shameful. We are considering legal options.

Earlier this year, Wendy Williams reported that Ben Affleck and Jennifer were separated and that he had moved into the guesthouse. Then, several weeks later, reports said he was moving OUT of the guesthouse and the divorce was moving ahead. OK!

Now, here we are today, and reports are surfacing that Ben and Jen are working on a reconciliation! In an article on guardianlv.com, it’s revealed that Jennifer Garner is telling friends about efforts to rescue the wobbly marriage.

“She’s confiding to friends that she and Ben are going to do whatever it takes to make their marriage work.”

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have been seen spending a lot of time together with their children. Ben and the kids have been spotted going to farmers market and church together. Is this an indication that the couple is really working on the marriage and going to bring it back to solid ground?

Where does this leave that nanny girl Christine Ouzounian? Allegedly, she has photos of herself sitting on Ben Affleck’s lap. A friend says the babysitter LOVES Ben. She met up with him at his rental house and at a hotel. Were these innocent encounters? Does this woman think Ben is in love with her? And why did she cross the line with him as an employee?

We can’t blame the condition of Ben and Jen’s shaky marriage entirely on Christine, since the couple was already having issues. But during the separation, she sure didn’t help matters. A Ben Affleck spokesperson says rumors of their intimacy is a lie, but Christine’s friends are saying they warned her she would get hurt.

Allegedly, Christine Ouzounian was fired after the rumors started about Ben sexing her. She should have never got on that flight from the Bahamas, right? Her being fired made people think it’s proof that the affair was definitely true. But it could just mean that Jennifer got rid of her because she didn’t like all the attention it was drawing.

I think Jennifer fired her because she didn’t like what was being said, not necessarily believing the rumors, but she wanted to put an end to the speculation. Plus, who wants a LIAR working for them? Unfortunately, that strategy didn’t calm things down.

Christine Ouzounian was supposed go Los Angeles but went to Las Vegas w Ben Affleck
Christine Ouzounian was supposed go Los Angeles but went to Las Vegas w Ben Affleck

Christine went to Vegas with Ben, for a poker thing, and was allegedly on a private Jet with him. It was said that Christine was only catching a ride to L.A! But she went to Vegas, and that made a liar out of her, and it cost her the babysitting job!

She mugs for the camera as she wears Tom Brady’s Superbowl rings. WTF! And, if she is the nanny, why did she leave the kids behind with their mother in the Bahamas? I guess she was playing personal assistant for Ben Affleck. Maybe a promotion! I wonder what the pay difference would be. Jen and Ben’s divorce was announced a few days after this little trip to Las Vegas. And that’s when Christine was fired. She lied about her purpose.

[Ben Affleck left the bahamas to attend his] poker appearance and [Christine Ouzounian flew with him to get back to LA]. [A source revealed] Garner fired Ouzounian after learning she had joined Affleck in Vegas instead of [going] to L.A.

Christine Ouzounian tells reporters she is going to meet up with Ben Affleck at his house
Christine Ouzounian tells reporters she is going to meet up with Ben Affleck at his house. img: etonline.com

Here’s why I’m kind of pissed at this chick. This B was running errands in Ben’s Lexus, then she met up at his rental house later that night. But (allegedly) she TIPPED OFF the paparazzi so they would show up and document them being with each other. ETonline said she stayed at Ben’s place for 2 hours before leaving. The PAP got a snapshot of her mugging for the camera.

A source previously told ET exclusively that Christine actually “tipped off the paparazzi” about the rendezvous, so that photos would be taken of her and Ben together.

I know all of this is none of our business, but celebrities always draw our attention. I wish one of them would go on a talk show and reveal a little bit about what is going on with them. There are too many conflicting stories about their relationship. I want them to stay together. And I hope this headline from guardianlv.com is true:

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce Off: Couple to Reconcile, Says Source. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are considering the idea of giving their marriage one last try, according to Life & Style.

All this marriage drama is kind of old. It went on all summer long. Maybe they can get past it and start being a normal family again.