Drunk Shia Labeouf Got Arrested


A year after his stay in rehab, Shia Labeouf was again arrested while intoxicated.

Rising star of Hollywood cinema, Shia Labeouf has a career worthy of the greats, including a role in a blockbuster – Transformers – … and some setbacks related to their addictions. It was thought that his arrest in New York last year that led him straight to rehab had served as a lesson, but to believe the US website TMZ, the actor may need revising.

Mugshot and supporting photographs, media reveal that Shia Labeouf was arrested in Austin in the night from Friday to Saturday. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs but in any case in a daze that prompted him to make bad decisions. On seeing the police come to him and ask him to submit to an inspection, the actor has indeed found wise to take the leakage current and, taking care not to borrow the pedestrian crossing. Three good reasons for police to take him to the station.

It is in any case that some witnesses recount that trusted the media. They also say that the evening had been really bad for the actor and one of her friends: they just get back up to the entrance to a bar because they were too drunk.

Last year, he agreed to get alcohol abuse treatment as part of a settlement related to a Broadway meltdown. The actor was initially arrested by New York police in June last year for using bad language, spitting at a police officer and refusing to leave a dramatic performance when asked.

According to TMZ, the star was “out of control and disobeyed police,” who cuffed him. Local affiliate KVUE reports LaBeouf allegedly attempted to cross against a “Don’t Walk” sign. Public intoxication is a misdemeanor charge.

Since released, Shia Labeouf faces prosecution for having wandered in the street drunk.