Facebook is Rolling Out Local Business Verification Badges. Here’s Why You Should Get One.


Having an account on facebook and twitter have you ever noticed or realized why is there a little blue tick or a checkmark on the top of the any account be it a popular celebrity any famous person like a musician, a professional athlete, or a politician?, probably you might have not bothered that much but these checkmark have got some special meaning as they imply that the account is verified and all it means that it’s real.

What I mean to say is when you see Enrique Iglesias or Pitbull with such a blue checkmark on the top it’s actually their private account which is handled by them and not any random hardcore fan posting or twitting which is kind of spam or fake to mislead people. If you don’t see any of this profile with such a checkmark it just might actually be the fan page which is unofficial.

According to Marketing Land, Facebook has rolled out a new verification system—this time marked by gray badges, to distinguish from the blue ones. While blue is still the colour for celebrities, gray is now used to verify and legitimize local businesses. The feature is being rolled out to businesses across several countries, including the United States and Great Britain.

For verified businesses, the gray checkmarks will now show up beside the business name in Facebook searches and on the account page itself. For companies looking to get verified, the process is fairly simple. All you’ll need is a couple minutes of time and a business phone number.

This is something we recommend local businesses do, and for a couple of reasons. One of the stated reasons from Facebook is to ensure that consumers are finding the authentic business listing. A lot of companies have duplicate pages on Facebook, perhaps created by former employees or perhaps generated through social media “check-ins.” The gray badge lets consumers know that they have found the real, official business listing.

And piggybacking off that point, verification badges provide consumer confidence. Your business has to be fairly legitimate to qualify for this—it needs a real phone number and a physical address—so opting to get verified is a sign that you’re running a real operation. It’s a sign that consumers can confidently do business with you.

For businesses not able to qualify for the gray checkmark—perhaps because they don’t have physical locations that consumers can visit—there are other ways to ensure credibility, such as using testimonials, sharing customer reviews, and showcasing thought leadership. But if you do qualify for the gray checkmark, there’s really no reason not to get one.

By itself, this new feature doesn’t seem that significant, but it’s part of Facebook efforts to signal its support for small businesses and make the case that the social network can be a primary part of a company’s digital presence. Facebook says more than 1 billion people visit Pages every month, and many of those visits are by people looking up businesses on mobile devices.