Famous In Love: A New TV Series From The Creator of ‘Pretty Little Liars’


Marlene King, the creator of the show Pretty Little Liars brings new show called as “Famous In Love”, a new project for Freeform channel (formerly ABC Family). Adapted from a young adult book series will be brought by the actress Bella Thorne.

You are addicted to adventures of Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Allison, glamorous heroines of “Pretty Little Liars” And despite the long seasons lying around, you do not get tired.

Good news: you should soon have a new set to put your teeth into. The ABC Family channel (renamed Freeform, will understand why!) Just announced that Marlene King, the creator and producer of “Pretty Little Liars” was currently developing a new show “Famous In Love”.

Inevitably, they will find everything that has made ​​the success of “Pretty Little Liars”: pretty teenage girls dressed in fashion, love stories, drama and, of course, a thrilling investigation.

Are you intrigued? “Famous In Love” will follow in fact the life of a teenager propelled overnight in the star system, having been chosen to play the lead role of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The Apprentice star, played by the actress Bella Thorne, will juggle her new career, her studies, her heart for his two co-stars (you see it coming, the love triangle?), But also to investigate about a pop star mysteriously disappeared …

If you want to know more about the new “teen drama”, know that the story is adapted from the book “Famous in Love” by Rebecca Serle. Unless you have the desire to discover the series with a fresh eye. It’s Up to you!

>>> What do you think of this future series? Do you think it will be successful?