Half-Life 3 Release Date, Update, Gameplay & News: New Leak Revealed Via Dota 2 Patch


Recent rumor says that Half Life 3 is being developed by a team of Valve developers. This comes after new details about the game has been revealed accidentally.

According to the various online reports, details of “Half Life 3” was discovered after a patch of Dota 2 Reborn has reportedly contains a text document that reveals the some new details of the game. The information pointed out the game is in “development.”

“Given the name of the file in question, hl3.txt, it seems likely that whoever included the document in the recent Dota 2 update wanted the file found. But that still doesn’t tell us whether someone(s)inside the company included the files as a joke or as the latest confirmation the Half Life series will be a full trilogy at some point in the (hopefully not too distant) future,” according to iDigital Times.

In another gaming forum, it was said that “Half Life 3” will be released as another open world role playing game. There was also speculation that Valve will release the game in a new engine platform, the Source 2.

“Open world would be a good way to show off Source 2 for sure, considering Source 1 had to have constant loading screens even in relatively small areas like Portal 2,” said a Reddit user named datlinus.

“So I guess it’d make sense. And yeah I trust Valve. If they actually release the damn thing it signals that they are confident enough in their product, which considering the amount of canceled projects they had over the years, is hard to achieve.”