Harry Styles & Nicole Scherzinger Had Secret Hookup When Harry Was 19


There is surely something scandalous in the air! Harry Styles has a reputation for going after the older ladies, but there was apparently one little fling he didn’t want people to know about; he secretly hooked up with ‘X Factor’ judge Nicole Scherzinger!

When Harry Styles was 19, he allegedly entered into a secret affair with Nicole Scherzinger, then 35. The two met on the X Factor three years before, when Harry was just 16 and Nicole was his judge, but apparently the chemistry couldn’t be denied years later, they met up for some secret action!

“Harry was obviously very taken by Nicole, who is stunning, and he had always looked up to her,” a source revealed. “She was a guest judge on X Factor at the time One Direction were formed and has always claimed credit for putting the band together, even though Simon Cowell says it was his idea. But they hooked up over three years later when Harry had matured and was a member of the world’s biggest band. Harry was 19 at the time but had an old head on his shoulders because he’d already been in a relationship with Caroline Flack who was 14 years older than him.”

Well, well Harry who is the OneD heartthrob has a thing for older women; Nicole is 16 years older! Harry and Nicole met up again when 1D performed at the 2013 X Factor finale, and apparently sparks were flying. They met up at a Brits Awards after party in February 2014, and it went down, according to the source.

“They were openly all over each other at Sony’s post-Brits event, They were sitting next to each other, having lots to drink and wildly flirting. It was very clear there was an electric chemistry between them and something had gone on” the source revealed.

Harry and Nicole had their first romantic encounter when Styles was 19 years old when Nicole was on a break from her long-term relationship with Formula One race car driver, Lewis Hamilton.  Scherzinger, who is 16 years older than Harry, was a guest judge on X-Factor during the season that created his boy band, One Direction.

The source claims that the couple’s second rendezvous took place in early 2014. At the Brit Awards after party in February of that year, the twosome were “openly all over each other,” adding, “They were sitting next to each other, having lots to drink and wildly flirting.”

However, the tipster claims that while the two got together, they never seriously dated. Well looking at Harry’s attraction towards old women his needs are very different from a normal 20-year-old guy. Let’s wait for some further news and stay tuned till then.