Harry Styles Says- Band Doesn’t ‘Change’ After Losing Zyan


The one direction band guys must be still dealing with the aftermath of the departure of their ex-partner Zyan Malik, but Harry Styles says that the decision of Zyan Malik of leaving the band and making a solo career has not changed anything. The band is still the same as it was. His absence has not created much of a difference.

Harry Styles and Niall Horan, during a new interview with Coup De Main Magazine, said all the challenges they faced while making their new album “Made in the A.M.” due to lack of their fifth partner. But then Harry clearly stated that it was a bit challenging to shoot without their fifth partner, but the writing of the lyrics and all such things did not get affected. Due to the absence of the fifth partner, Zyan Malik the process of making the album changed and nothing else was actually affected.
Further, Harry Styles explains that the goal of the band of making it the number 1 band and to create the best record they can don’t change because of the decision of Zyan Malik leaving the group for the solo career.

Due to lack of Zyan Malik there will be a difference in the music as his voice will be missing but now they have become more strong and have aimed to produce great music for their fans, said Harry and Niall. The other members have had benefits due to Zyan’s departure, but it has certainly affected the setup of their new album “Made in the A.M.” Liam Payne and Louis Tomilson also admitted that the abrupt departure of Zyan Malik has benefited them in the long term. They admitted this during an interview with Good Morning Britain.

It is said by Payne that his unexpected departure is kind of a blessing in disguise for the band because the types of songs they made were never his type of songs. The music never suited his choice. His departure was beneficial for the band and Zyan himself too.

It took time for them to get adjusted to his absence but then everyone came out to be fine. The members of 1D want to thank all their loyal fans for supporting them till the very end. The members even mentioned that there are no hard feeling between them and their ex-partner Zyan Malik.

During the process of him leaving and spending time with his family, Harry Styles made it public that their very new singles “perfect” is on the way for their fans and it is said that the song is about the former relationship of Harry Style’s and Taylor Swift but harry has not yet confirmed it directly by taking Taylor’s name, but he has mentioned that their songs are written based on their personal experiences.

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