How Can High Cholesterol Affect The Body


Our body requires cholesterol for making vitamin D and hormones. However, high cholesterol in the body can lead to damage and also bring up heart problems. Too much cholesterol can also cause stroke and heart attack.

High cholesterol results to different health problems, these health issues are listed below:

It leads to Atherosclerosis

At the moment when there is high level of cholesterol in our body, it leads to clogged and damaged arteries. When the arteries become stiff, it is known as atherosclerosis. In this situation, our heart needs to overwork to push blood through the stiffed arteries because it’s been hardened and blood doesn’t pass easily. Health issues will arise immediately your artery is stiffed and begins to clog up.

Angina and Peripheral Disease

When your body is suffering from high cholesterol, it leads to Angina and Peripheral Diseases. The flow of blood to your heart gets disrupted as the plaque start to deposit on the coronary arteries. People suffering from this type of disease are closer to having heart attack. The flow of blood to the heart can be blocked when the plaque in the coronary artery breaks or clots up. Peripheral arterial disease can also occur when the buildup of plaque which causes the blood flow to your stomach and limb cease.

Leads to stroke

High cholesterol can reduce the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain because the artery is clogged. And when the blood flow is disrupted, it might lead to stroke. When blood doesn’t move freely to the brain, it will at the end result to a stroke.

The Digestive System Will be Affected

Cholesterol is needed for the production of bile in our body. Our digestive system is largely made up of bile. However, an excess of bile turns into gall stones which create dangers to our body.

Stomach Ache

If the cholesterol in the human body is very high, it will lead to fat deposits in the liver, skin and ligaments. When the liver gets bigger due to fat deposits, it results to serious stomach ache. The stomach ache occurs when the liver exerts pressure on the abdominal cavity.


Whenever the cholesterol in your body is high, there is a greater chance of developing heart diseases. Symptoms of high cholesterol are usually not significant which is why most people get diagnosed when it’s late. Always check your cholesterol level to be on the safer side