How Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier


Technology has literary taken over the world. You would hardly travel a hundred meters before you find the next piece of technology. Technology is just everywhere and in everything, there is almost nothing on this planet that is not aided by technology. Life has become so convenient and enjoyable to an extent that it is regarded as the normal modus operandi. A lot of persons do not even notice the impact of technology in their immediate environment. From a great access to information that enriches our knowledge, to various and numerous amenities that enriches our very personal lives. Here are a few notable ways that Technology has improved the general standard of living of humans:


Technology has definitely improved communication in the world. At a point in history, communication was only face to face, at a time birds were used to send messages, later; letter came to the scene, but they all weren’t instant and very effective. In more recent times, we find the Telephone. At a point the Telephone was not available for everyone to use as in this day, but today more than 70% of the world’s population own a mobile phone that can place a call (even video calls) to anyone, anywhere in the world. Even emails have made sharing experiences and moments easier.





Traveling has definitely gotten easier with technology. Men had to trek for days and weeks in the past, ride on animals at whatever speed they moved and later travel in noisy trains for hours and days. In this day, cars are available for everyone, such that almost 70% of the families in the world can boast of the ownership of one car. For those who do not have cars, cabs, buses and modern trains have made moving around easy for them. For long distance journeys, aircrafts have made it as easy as booking a flight and being in another part of the world in a few hours.


Learning has also been made easier as technology has also provided a lot of things to learn. The internet is a major platform for learning as every information you require is somewhere in the World Wide Web. This information can be easily accessed with the use of search engines such as,, and others. Anyone can literally learn anything with the internet, which provides many online tutors for practical course all over the world.


Data Saving and Retrieval

Ages past, information could only be preserved by mouth to mouth passage from generation to generation. Later on, writing on stones and mud got invented, and then more convenient writing which made documents easier to keep in files came in. However, locating data stored in files got difficult when there are many files with similar information and appearance. In more recent times, storing data on computer systems solved all the problems, making it both easier to store and to find at few clicks of the keyboard.