How to Become a Famous Artist


If you are an upcoming artist, it’s your dream that one day you will become a famous and renowned artist. The dream may sound far-fetched but be assured that even prodigy artists such as Sir John Everett Millais, Pablo Picasso, and the younger Akiane Kramarik started with just a dream. It takes courage, passion, and personality to actualize the “famous artist” dream. If you aspire to become a famous artist and you have what it take, here are few tips to get you started.


To become a famous artist, skills and techniques are important. It’s through practicing those techniques that you can discover the strengths and weaknesses that need to be improved. Set aside enough time to practice on techniques and focus on nurturing your dream around your strengths and abilities. Take advantage of the available resources such as free art tutorials, literature, videos, training seminars and online content to further improve your abilities.

Passion and Focus

Most of the artists succeed because they are passionate and focused on what they desire to achieve. Whether your dream is to become a famous musician, painter or photographer, start by choosing the tasks that you love. If you are an upcoming painter start by choosing a photo that you love. Paint the photo using different approaches such as pencil, oil painting, realism or any other favorite approach. Basically, start from easy subjects and focus on better achievements.


Vary Techniques, Tools and Approaches.

Most the artists start with a wider pool of tools and techniques and then narrow down to perfection. For a painter, starting with pencil painting is a good choice before venturing into other techniques; pastel, charcoal, colored pencils etc. Never shy away from experimenting with tools or techniques. Some suppliers offer sample products such as painting colors or canvas which you can try out before deciding on which supplies are better suited for your work.

Positive Personality

As an artist, having a positive approach to building your career is important. Have it in mind that not everyone will give a positive nod at your work. Lean to accept compliments positively when family and friends critique and complement your work. It is from such feedback that you can discover and improve on weaknesses. If you get undivided complement like “I love the boldness in this painting,” from a renowned artist, don’t take it for granted. A complement is a positive sign that people are ready to understand and appreciate your work.