How to Create a Tech Haven Out of Your Spare Room


Not everyone has the luxury of having unused spare room, but if you have one, why not turn it into a technology haven. You don’t have to start in a big way, just a tech place where family and friends can enjoy the latest digital content such as entertainment, educational resources or just internet surfing. Just like a living room where the family members get together and enjoy themselves, a tech room can offer extended entertainment; home cinema, games or connecting with friends on social networks. Here are a few tips on how you turn your spare room into a tech haven.

Start With A Plan

If you are decided on turning a spare room into a technology room, start with a plan of what you might need. Consider if the room will be used by one person or different members of the family for entertainment and relaxation. Think about your interests such as computer gaming, console gaming, home cinema, social networks etc. Basically, a simple plan will enable you to make decisions about the requirements such as furniture, hardware, internet, cabling etc.

Prioritize for Comfort

Apart from enjoying entertainment, you would like the tech room to be a place of relaxation, so prioritize for comfort. Focus on creating a space that you (or members of the family) can always retreat and recuperate with total comfort. If you are considering turning the spare room into a gaming zone, consider having a floor with large comfortable cushions. For cinema and watching film, consider investing in comfortable cinema-style seating with air-conditioning, window shutters and noise filters.

Proper Sound Management

Besides visuals, you will get more thrilled and immersed with gaming, cinemas or films if you invest in good sound management. Surround sound equipment with graded sound effects can make a great difference in enhancing cinema and gaming experience. If you can’t afford solid audio equipment, consider having quality headphones which can as well serve the purpose– and be useful if the tech room will be next to a bedroom.

Invest in Techy Gadgets

While it’s still possible to enjoy home entertainment with basic gadgets such as a laptop and good quality speakers, you will be better off if you can invest in more tech gadgets. First off, consider having a quality projector for large screen projection and cinematic experience. Playing your favorite game or watching film on a big visual screen is not only entertaining, but also a thrilling experience. If you are limited with space, consider having space-saving furniture and items such foldable couches, wall-mounted screen and cabinets. In addition, plan for de-cluttering of cables and accessories for neatness. Loose cables and accessories can cause distractions, or even trip-and-fall accidents.