I Would Have Prevented 9/11 – Donald Trump


Donald Trump, who is currently seeking the Republican Party nomination for the 2016 Presidential election, has said that if he was the president, then the 9/11 attacks would never have happened.

Trump, who never misses an opportunity of talking to reporters, and is known for making controversial statements much too often, was speaking on Fox News Sunday. Explaining his position, the real estate mogul says that since he is “extremely, extremely tough on immigration” the attackers wouldn’t have been in position to commandeer the US flights. “So there’s a good chance that those people would not have been in our country”, he added.

Not fully content with what he said, Trump took another shot at Jeb Bush for claiming that his brother, the 43rd president, kept the nation safe. I don’t want Jeb Bush to say, “My brother kept us safe,’ because September 11 was one of the worst days in the history of this country”.

Trump then went on to attack Jeb on Twitter with a series of posts. Trump tweeted, “Jeb, why did your brother attack and destabilize the Middle East by attacking Iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction? Bad info”? He also tweeted, “Jeb Bush should stop trying to defend his brother and focus on his own shortcomings and how to fix them”.

Bush shot back defending his brother’s presidency later with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union”. He said, “My brother responded to a crisis, and he did it as you would hope a president would do. He united the country, he organized our country and he kept us safe. And there’s no denying that. The great majority of Americans believe that”.

Trump has been facing a backlash since his comments and has repeatedly declined to engage with reporters about the matter. When asked by CNN after a rally in Washington if he thought the attacks were George W. Bush’s fault, Trump, just walked away after pausing to listen to the question. Minutes later, he again declined to say anything when asked to react to Bush’s response on Twitter.