iPhone 7 News, Specs, Features, Release Date & Rumors: Wireless Charging Revealed In Apple Patent Documents


A new report has surfaced on Monday, saying that tech giant Apple has reportedly applied for a patent that will enable a wireless charging capability feature in iPhone 7. The said feature will allow the smartphone to charge itself wireless via coils that could be found in the latest iPhone product line.

“The patent application states that this feature would work by utilizing metal coils that the iPhone 7 would use in some other capacity as well. Specifically, Apple is suggesting using their Taptic Engine, or the little vibrating coil that gives iPhones the ability to vibrate, as a method of inducing an electric current wirelessly to charge the iPhone 7,” according to iDigital Times.

Apple claim that coils in the iPhone 7 can also be used in microphone to capture and produce sounds. Apple’s patent which is called the Inductive Power Transfer Using Acoustic or Haptic device is expected to be a killer feature of the iPhone 7.

It can be recalled that in 2013, Apple has filed a patent regarding wireless charging which explores the NFC antenna to wirelessly charge a device. “Many at the time speculated that the technology could be included in the iPhone 6 or Apple Watch, but were sorely disappointed to find out that Apple had not included it.”

“It has been noted before that wireless charging did not work for iPhone 6 last year because of the smartphone’s aluminum casing. This new update about Apple is not the first time that the company has tried to test other technologies on its devices. Two years ago, Apple tried exploring NFC features, but failed to include it on the iPhone 6 release,” Christian Post said.