Is Technology Hurting Your Sex Life?


Walk into a restaurant. You’ll see couples with their heads turned down, faces reflecting an eerie pale glow, and attention diverted elsewhere.

From an evolutionary standpoint, life is about surviving and passing on genes and behaviors. Those who are more attentive, present, empathic, and sensitive with their partners receive positive evolutionary reinforcements of intimacy and lasting love, which ultimately benefits the survival of their offspring. Technology disconnects us from our present surroundings and loved ones.

Here are 3 technology traps that are compromising our love life.

Email, text, and social media notifications

Notifications from texts, emails, and social media pull us away from human connections. We become dependent on the little dings and buzzes. We like it when someone likes us, agrees with us, or connects with us. But this digital connection is cheap and unfulfilled compared to the life partner, children and friends.

Solution: Turn off all notifications. You can check on your time. Be there 100% and undistracted when you are with those you love most.


Technology lets people access sexual content from their smartphones and laptops. Porn is fast and easy. But through its ease and accessibility, modern men are finding conflicts between porn and their lovers. Porn contradicts real relationships and brings about the illusion that sexual gratification is easy without any strings attached. Compared to on-demand porn, emotionally complex spouses can seem like they aren’t worth the effort.

500,000 divorces a year are attributed to porn. This isn’t surprising because the habit of porn is the opposite of habits needed for long-term emotional and sexual connection with a spouse.

Solution: Giving up porn can be challenging. Think of all the good times you have had together when you feel like watching porn.


Pharmaceutical technology gives the illusion that change can be bought and swallowed.

What’s needed for a satisfying sexual experience is emotional connection and fully functional sexual organs. Pharmaceutical technology promises cures with magic pills, but there are plenty of side effects.

A burning and passionate sex life requires a plenitude of sex hormones. Prescription medications are not the solution. The human body needs nutrients and minerals to produce sex hormones and healthy tissues for sexual performance.

Solution: Put the prescription pills down and pick up foods and exercises that promote testosterone production.