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Remember the hot cup of deliciousness Zayn Malik, who left One Direction, then back-pedaled only to be rejected by the group. Damn, sometimes we make stupid, rash decisions. But I can’t put any blame on Zayn for it. I’ve made life changing decisions at times when I had just plain had ENOUGH! – We all have done that, right?

Zayn Malik is human like us. And, he is YOUNG. Can you imagine having such a ginormous responsibility as him, and keeping it all together? Well, one could argue that the other boys seem to be doing their fair share of it without having a meltdown. Well, folks, we don’t all work alike.

zayn milak on to greener pastures
zayn milak on to greener pastures

So-what! He defected, then wanted to go back, but they said no. Now he’s on to greener pastures. The word is, he might do a reality TV show. WOW, like we don’t have many of those, may as well try this new idea out. WRONG! Man, I wish he would not do this. I would rather see him open a frikken record store and give/host guitar workshops, or whatever instrument he plays…I mean, he does know how to play an instrument doesn’t he? J/K. – I reckon he could do the record shop thing and the tv thing at the same time.

One Direction is bringing Zayn Malik back to do the One Direction story. So fans can look forward to seeing him in that. Here’s a little promo announcement that was released a couple of weeks ago.

perrie edwards says zayn malik is desperate
perrie edwards says zayn malik is desperate

His ex lady-love (Perrie) said that the paparazzi used to upset Zayn in London, because there was no privacy what-so-ever. Perrie Edwards added a little more, hell why not, since we’re on the topic of her EX, not her current. Her opinion should matter. HA! Anywhow, here’s what Miss Edwards had to say about Zayn and reality TV. The quotes are from a SOURCE:

[Perrie Edwards wonders why] Zayn would want cameras following him around 24/7.

Okay, for those missing Zayn, this would certainly give them a lot of coverage. I wonder if he does inspiring things now that he’s out of 1 Direction.

[Perrie] thinks [Zayn] is just confused and desperate to fit in with the LA scene.

That’s not a nice thing to say, PERRIE!

[Zayn Milak] always talked about his lack of privacy and how he wished he could just walk down the street with out being harassed.

Right, he won’t have much privacy, but I doubt the tv crew will be harassing Zayn, it will be his life, not a public park. But if Zayn wants to walk down the street in privacy, he could just move to Kentucky and get a job working in hay. Or maybe go to Indiana like Justin Biebs did without getting noticed for a good long while.

will you watch zayn malik reality tv
will you watch zayn malik reality tv

Okay, this is for any readers that mozy through here, please make a comment to say if you would watch a reality tv show with Zayn Milak as the focus. I’m going to go ahead and tell you that I will probably not watch it.

Let’s close this with a nice scene and song. Oasis’ Wonderwall covered by those Direction guys.