Justin Bieber got surprising reaction from his father for his naked pictures


Justin Bieber never ceases to talk about him. Since returning to the world of music, the interpreter of “Baby” continues to frighten the canvas. There are a few weeks, the Canadian has shocked her fans by sporting a new haircut. And a few days ago during an appearance at the concert the duo Rae Sremmurd, the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez took to the stage to be smoking cannabis. But last week, the father of the singer who has panicked the canvas after his shocking reaction about nude pictures of the star!

Last Thursday, the “New York Daily News” published photos of the performer of “As Long As You Love Me” totally naked. On holiday in Bora with his current girlfriend Jayde Pierce, Justin Bieber decided to put naked in the comfort of his own home. On the pictures, Selena Gomez’s former companion reveals all parts of his anatomy and wanders without complexes on the terrace before swimming. Because of these intimate publications last Friday Justin Bieber pushed a rant against “New York Daily News,” which published nude photos, and the 21-year-old is ready to attack the newspaper.

Representatives of the star, which evoke a violation of his privacy, therefore, claim that the website removed as soon as possible. But as the interpreter of “What Do You Mean” decided to attack the newspaper, his father adopted a different approach.

Jeremy Bieber said: “proud papa

Far from being embarrassed by the pictures of his son in the nude, Jeremy Bieber went on Twitter last Thursday to congratulate the face of Calvin Klein. The 40-year-old man clearly has a very particular humor saw that he wanted to discuss the size of the sex with his 21-year-old son. “How do you feed that thing?” He wrote, adding the ‘hashtag “a proud father.” Justin Bieber’s father quickly realized his error and later deleted the tweet. Visitors also have quickly reacted and made ​​fun of Jeremy Bieber for his bold comments. “That’s why you should block your parents on social networks children,” wrote one surfer shocked.