Kim Kardashian attends Pregnancy Appointment in Los Angeles


Kim returned to Los Angeles to attend an important pregnancy-related appointment with a doctor. All this took place on Thursday. On Tuesday, she flew out to Nevada as she coped with Lamar Odom’s crisis. She flew out to Nevada with her sister Khloe Kardashian.

Kayne West has become more concerned of her wife Kim, who is expecting, because of all the stress she s facing because of the tragic situation all around. Everyone is worried since the time Lamar Odom was found unconscious. Kim, the expected mom, and Kanye are preparing for a risky delivery after the diagnosis of Kim with Precambrian. It is a condition when the blood-pressure of the women spoke during pregnancy. And above that she is already stressed which adds up the pressure and tension. This has created a lot of nervousness in Kayne.

Kayne is very worried about Kim’s health as she is due from two months and it’s the time when she should not take any kind of stress but sadly her sister’s husband is hospitalized and fighting for his life. Now finally after days of treatment, 35-year old Lamar Odom’s heart has started to respond to the treatment after the heart failure and that he has started to show signs of improvement.

The doctor told everyone that as his heart has started to show improvement and is working a bit better is very great news as it is his one of the most vital organ that is showing improvement. Because of this the doctor has ordered everyone to keep the calm environment in the recovery room as they don’t want to stimulate Lamar as he would improve earlier if kept non-stimulated.

All the loved ones and the faculty members made sure that no one enters the room. His wife has been beside Lamar since he was brought to Los Angeles. Her love and affection; and all the prayers of his loved ones will definitely work on him and he will soon recover. We can just pray for his good health.

Kim, would be a mother, is 34- years old. She cancelled her baby shower because she had to rush to the hospital with her sister KhloeKardashian whose husband is strangling with life and death because of the heart failure that he went through.

Kim was born in Los Angeles. Kourtney is her older sister, Khloe is her younger sister and Rob is her younger brother. Kayne is doing a great job in helping her wife take less stress. As she is busy with her sister he is taking care of their daughter, North. He is taking care of the house as well. He is also taking care of Kourtney’s children and is doing an amazing job at it. Let’s just hope everything comes back to normal very soon.

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