Kris Jenner Tells Whorehouse Owner To Keep Quiet About Lamar, When He Refuses, Kris Calls Foul Play w Odom’s Money


So, how do you like this? Kris Jenner told whorehouse owner, Dennis Hof to keep quiet about Lamar and let Khloe Kardashian handle the matters with the press. He says he told her rep to go to hell and that he planned on cooperating fully with the police and not hide anything. He has a business to run and what he does IS LEGAL.

On Wednesday, Love Ranch South owner Dennis Hof shared with Nancy Grace that he told the reality star’s publicist to “go to hell” after she asked him to let [Khloe Kardashian] handle the media.

If he would have kept his mouth shut, he might not be in the cross hairs right now. Kris Jenner is intimating that the whorehouse stole from Lamar Odom. Apparently, Lamar carries wads of cash with him. And since there wasn’t a wad of cash on him at the end of his party week, Kris Jenner is implying that the whorehouse must have taken the cash.

Umm, really? Is it possible Lamar SPENT his cash while hanging out with a bevvy of expensive prostitutes in a VIP bedroom? What did they steal from him, his friggen soul? Why would they NEED to steal from him. He was their customer. In general, you don’t treat customers that way, right? You want repeat business!

Surely that lady realizes those prostitutes are expensive, and so is the VIP treatment. It’s an expensive vacation if you choose to go to a place like that. How can that be called theft. She doesn’t like their prices or what?

[Khloe] says [Odom was charged] $75,000 for his four-day romp, a sum the family believes to be [over priced amenities]. Dennis Hof disagrees. Perez Hilton reports [75k is the going rate for VIP 24-7 brothel service x 4 days]

Does she think this is all about her and Khloe? Well it’s not. There are several people, lives, jobs, and reputations on the line here. Kris Jenner can’t just tell people to shut up at her convenience, quote:

[We told Dennis Hof] politely [Respect family privacy] during this difficult time and refrain from talking to the press.

If there’s any theft going on, I would suggest she’s the biggest ripoff on TV.  She has no right to judge people at all. She’s the one who CHARGES MONEY just for people to look at her in routine daily activities! Can you believe, based on Lamar having no CASH on hand after concluding his party at the whorehouse, this WOMAN wants to say Lamar’s money was STOLEN? Perhaps Lamar spent his cash to party and buy drinks.

Is this supposed to mean Dennis Hof is a thief? If I were him I wouldn’t stand for these accusations, even if the man does run a whorehouse. I would guess he has as many rights as that Kardashian business! From quote:

The Kardashian family is also not really used to being publicly stymied. It’s very possible that they’re pointing fingers in retaliation for Dennis Hof refusing to play the game by their rules.

I hope Lamar Odom gets his own show after he gets his divorce from Khloe. I hope somebody will sponsor him to become a public speaker and teach about the horrors of over indulgence. Maybe he can travel around and have it filmed while he talks to aspiring athletes or college hopefuls. I’m just a little angry right now because first, Kris says shut up. Man refuses. Then man is getting a PAYBACK. — I know. It’s not MY life, but it’s these attitudes people have that can really stir us up sometimes.