Lamar Odom’s Health Status: ‘Dire Straits’


The basketball star Lamar Odom has not gotten any better, and sources familiar with his treatment say even if he survives he has virtually no chance of ever leading a normal life. News from the sources is that doctors continue to put Lamar’s chances of survival at 50/50.

We’re told he showed “absolutely no improvement” Thursday from the condition he was in when he was admitted to the hospital Tuesday. As one person put it, “He’s in dire straits.” Lamar’s constant consumption of cocaine and an herbal substitute for Viagra, which is a potentially deadly combination has been proven a main threat to his life and the reason why he got admitted on Tuesday. Lamar is not breathing on his own and his doctors believe his brain function is significantly reduced the doctors also told that he was “entirely unresponsive” all day Thursday and 4 vital organs are still failing, with no signs of improvement.

The 35-year-old NBA star was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Wednesday morning after being found unconscious at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Nevada. He was taken to Desert View Hospital in Nevada before being moved to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where he is battling for his life. Workers at the Nevada brothel claim the former NBA star had been using cocaine in the days before the incident, as the 911 call was released.

Lately Rapper Lil Wayne made a huge mistake when he by mistakenly tweeted R.I.P’ Lamar Odom while the star is still fighting for his life and in is a critical situation. He appeared to pay respect to ‘LO’, but the basketball champ is still giving a tuff-fight to death in the hospital. As the tweet from rapper seemed to be a premature tribute, the basketball star found unconcious in a brothel in Vegas. He wrote: “R.I.P Dam man. My blessings to ur fam and friends. (sic)”

The Kardashian family has been in constant touch with several specialists from L.A. to consult with Vegas doctors.  Lamar did not lose oxygen to the brain for nearly as long as Bobbi Kristina, which offers some sliver of hope. Doctors have told the family for each day that passes without improvement, the prognosis gets bleaker.

From some recent news the couple is still married and she is making medical decisions for Lamar as he lies in a coma. Though they both have signed on the documents and opted for a divorce lately in december 2013 but let it sit for more than a year and a half, in part because she wanted to save the marriage.

There’s an extreme backlog in the family law courts and the divorce will not become final for at least 2 more months. Since they are still husband and wife, Khloe is in a position to make medical decisions for her husband, and we’re told she has already made several of them.
Let’s pray for him that his health gets better in the coming days.