Leah Remini Exposes Troubles With Scientology And Hollywood In New Book, TROUBLEMAKER


Leah Remini officially left Scientology only a couple of years ago and she already has a book ready to come out in a matter of weeks. Do you guys remember she was at a party and asked where David Miscavige’s wife was – and why wasn’t she at the party? Then she was told she didn’t have the right to ask such things (basically). It was Tom Cruise and Katy’s wedding/party. And one of the Scientology dudes was very rude to Leah Remini when she questioned Shelly’s absense, quote:

Tommy Davis told her, “You don’t have the [edit #$8^] rank to ask about Shelly.”

Leah’s questioning of David was compared to somebody questioning the pope! Quote from tonyortega.org:

Leah had dared to file a “Knowledge Report” about ethical violations by David Miscavige, the leader of the church. This would be something like a Catholic turning in the Pope to the Vatican

Leah went on to continue her quest to find David’s wife, going as far as making a missing person’s report on Shelly Miscavige. From TonyOrtega.org:

[LAPD] confirmed that on [Aug 6, 2013] Remini filed a missing-person report for Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly Miscavige, who has not been seen in public in six years.

Leah was being a troublemaker, right? Well that’s the name of her new book available next month.

How did she put this thing together in just two years? She must have really been on a rampage and very pissed off at Scientology to take measures for exposing her troubles with them. When she first left, she said she didn’t have time for Scientology, but really it was because she was angry with them as she later proved.

She was on Ellen’s talk show and said that once you leave the church, then you aren’t allowed to be friends with the church members. It’s like you’re a defector and you’re tainted. She seems distraught that she has lost lifelong friends. Here’s the clip of Leah Remini on Ellen.

Young Leah Remini with her mother and daughter
Young Leah Remini with her mother and daughter

Leah wound up in Scientology because of her mom, so she was in it at a young age. Leah Remini say’s she left after she opened her eyes. One can only imagine the things she has in her book, because she said she is bracing herself for some backlash from a few famous Scientologists.