Liam Payne and Cheryl Welcome their Baby Boy!

It’s always an inspiring moment when a new life steps into the world. Other than those closely related to us, we are also much inspired by what’s going on in the celebrity world. Well, the latest news that has hit the world is that Liam Payne, the celebrity star of One Direction became a father. Yes, in an excited Instagram post, Cheryl announced the birth of her baby boy with Liam on 22 March 2017. The former X Factor judge says she was overjoyed with the arrival of the 7lb 9 baby and says that he was born incredibly beautiful and healthy. In her motherly love, she goes on to say that the child looked like a dream. It seems like a movie to see both stars united in love, entering parenthood with such a beautiful child and we can’t wait for the updates. However, the baby has not been named yet, but that isn’t stopping him from 'stealing hearts' all around. She continues with her post to express how very happy she is and wishes all the mothers a happy mother’s day. Before ending the post, she does add a touching sentence which says that the day, will now have a 'different meaning to her forever'. It’s sweet to see the beautiful mother in the midst of her joy over her little son. The young dad, Liam, 23, has had words of his own to add. The young singer posted how incredibly overjoyed he was to welcome his son into the world. Being a parent for the first time changes your life forever, and things aren’t very different for Liam either. He says that he will never forget the moment for the rest of his life. He also adds that holding the little baby boy is the favorite memory of his life yet. The 23-year old father also has some heartwarming words for Cheryl, saying that he was 'completely in awe' of how she went about the whole thing and how her lady love has made his dreams come true. It is really a heartwarming time for the family as friends and family congratulate them, with tweets and wishes. Their fans are all excited and overjoyed by the bundle of joy and are on the edges of their seats for more updates. Clearly, having a baby is a turning point in every relationship and in the life of the new parents. We wish both of them and the little baby heaps of joy, and can’t wait for more news from them.