Malia Obama- One Cool Member in the Obamas!


Malia Obama, first daughter of the former President of U.S. Barack Obama was found playing beer pong. She had come for a visit to the Brown University in Rhode Island for a campus tour. During the visit, she managed to go and attend the party with the students of that University in the dorm.

She had come to visit the University to know about it and have a look at the surroundings and environment. She wanted to know about it because she wants to attend a good University for her further education. She is a 17- year old teenager who enjoyed herself in that party. Malia went to the party and started to play the game beer pong in order to learn how it is played. Her pictures while playing and enjoying herself were leaked. The pictures were posted on snap chat. The students who were present there posted on twitter that she was playing the game and while doing so she took shots and was enjoying herself. The kids called her- “the only cool Obama.” The proof of her taking shots is not present as there is no evidence to it. No such pictures are available of her taking shots.

The students there were shocked to encounter a few secret service members in the party and ended up in posting tweets about it. They even mentioned about the Bush Twins when this incident occurred. Sasha and Malia were relatively off-limits to the public except for public appearances with their mother and father. Bob Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University told that what incident took place related to Malia Obama is a tough issue because she is a teenager and this is the time when kids enjoy. Being the President’s daughter doesn’t mean that even she has signed for it. She has the right to enjoy herself.

As the President Barack Obama will go through the end of his second term her eldest daughter, Malia Obama will turn 18. As Malia was compared to the Bush Twins, she is expected to help her father showing public appearances later. Her father, the president of U.S. has sent her resume to a few Universities. People paid attention to it in a way that they would to anyone else.

Their father told them to look at him and show everyone that they are listening to his speech while their mother taught them to smile the whole time. Their fashion style is also improving as they are growing up and becoming matured. For more details you can log-on to our site given below. Please write your comments and reviews about it in the box given below.