Microsoft Wireless Adapter News: Device Allows Gamers To Play Xbox One Via Windows 10


Software giant Microsoft is gearing up to release its new wireless adapter that will reportedly allow players to play Windows 10 device using their Xbox One controller. According to Tech Times, “the wireless adapter is a black USB dongle that looks like an assuming USB thumb drive, except for Microsoft’s unmistakable Xbox branding.” The reported device will be sold for only $24.99 commencing Oct. 22 in various Microsoft online store.

Microsoft claims that the new wireless adapter is compatible with any PC, laptop or tablet which is powered with Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10. “It will also work with Xbox One games streamed to a PC. Once gamers plug in the wireless adapter to their PC, the wireless controller will automatically detect the signal to let them control their games without a cord.”

In order to use the wireless adapter, players will be needing a Windows 10 device that has either a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port in order to bind the wireless adapter to the Xbox One wireless controller. It was said that the dongle has its own USB extender cable that will gamers to extend the USB connection in their various device and enhance placement and accessibility for the adapter.

“Unfortunately, the wireless adapter will not work with the Xbox 360 wireless controller, and it’s unclear if Microsoft plans to extend its functionality to the previous-gen console’s controller. Microsoft also says Xbox One owners may need to upgrade their firmware for them to be able to use the wireless adapter. Specifically, gamers will need to upgrade to Windows 10, as Microsoft is not likely to add Xbox One support for older Windows versions,” according to the report.