Miley Cyrus will give a concert totally naked!


Miley Cyrus is no longer a provocation by! But the new idea of ​​the singer surpasses all our expectations in terms of madness. The former Disney star would perform singing naked, accompanied by her nude musicians and naked audience!!

This is Wayne Coyne, the musician of the group The Flaming Lips (who plays Miley Cyrus) who posted this wacky story about Instagram. The guitarist posted a photo on Instagram with caption: “Oh could ***! MileyCyrus Plans to give a concert where she, the group (us) and the public will be COMPLETELY naked with milk (or something that looks like milk) is common part out our the song Milky, Milky, Milk … ”

Miley Cyrus is preparing for yet another prank. As announced by Wayne Coyne, the leader of the Flaming Lips, the band with which she performed her latest album Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz, the starlet is preparing to give a concert … naked! An announcement finally somewhat surprising!

This is Wayne Coyne, the leader of the Flaming Lips and close friend of Miley Cyrus, who announced the news on his Instagram account: “‘Oh p ***** !!! Miley Cyrus is preparing a show where she, the band (us) and the public will all completely naked while milk (or property white stuff that looks like it) will be screened throughout. We will make a video to accompany the song Milky Milky Milk of his project Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz “However Miley Cyrus has not yet confirmed the news! If the date has not been locked, that naked concert (for a video so) should take place during her tour scheduled for November and December.

To believe the information in Page Six of the New York Post, the singer, increasingly challenging over the years, would integrate the performance daring to clip her song Milky Milk, taken from his latest album brought online free in the month of August, Miley Cyrus and her dead pets. A nudist concert should be filmed – it would still have to find volunteers to waddle around naked in the middle of a cheering crowd.

While waiting to know the sequence of events, Miley Cyrus continues to make headlines. In particular, posted a photo of her on the social networks that shows her smoking through a bong. “The dessert is served,” she has written in sulfur legend cliché, which triggered the anger of online (and their parents).

The sultry singer recently attended Saturday Night Live, which aired last week in the United States. “With or without clothes, I do not know yet,” she had joked at the time of the announcement of his coming on the set. When she finally took the time to put on a dress, she could not resist the urge to put on a show and had fun simulate an orgasm. A performance almost as good as that of Paris Hilton!