Nintendo Says It Will Announce ‘Soon’ Its New Mobile Game


Nintendo’s new mobile game will be announced soon, according to DeNA West CEO Shintaro Asako after he teased the avid fans earlier this week during the GamesBeat 2015 conference.

“It can be recalled that both Nintendo and DeNA, a famous mobile game studio had sealed partnership earlier this year. Since the partnership was publicly announced, avid fans are waiting for new information about Nintendo’s mobile game. For example, fans would like to know what are the games that will be featured in mobile devices,” Realty Today said.

It was reported that Asako discussed about its partnership with Nintendo onstage during the GamesBeat 2015 event, according to iDigital Times. However, he did not give more details about Nintendo’s upcoming mobile game.

“Soon, we should be able to announce the game,” Asako said, according to VentureBeat. “I can’t say too much about the Nintendo deal, but it’s a really exciting initiative.”

“Though Asako didn’t give away any details about this game, he confirmed that it remains Nintendo’s plan to launch five new smartphone/tablet games between now and March 2017,” Gamespot said.

This plan has not changed in the wake of former president Satoru Iwata’s death this summer. Overall, Asako described DeNA’s partnership with Nintendo as a really long-term initiative,” the report added.