OMG- Harry Style’s latest tweet, ”Hey Angel. Do you look at us and laugh, when we hold on the past?” Yes people it is the lyrics of their upcoming single “Perfect” from their album “Made in the A.M.” Let’s just hope it’s as perfect as they have clipped it (per-fect!)

Harry and Liam took to tweeter revealing about this song and also confirming the release date which is 16th October, Friday.

It is an ironic love song with lots of emotion which is produced by Julia Bunetta, Jesse Shatkin and Louis Tomlinson alongside Bunetta, Shatkin, Jacob Kasher John Ryan and Maureen Anne McDonald.

In the album art, we can see Liam Payne, NialHorah, LouisTomilson, Harry posing side by side, each giving off a smouldering gaze, except for Liam, who shows off his winning and naughty smile.

There are rumours about the song, that its co-written by many, including Harry and Louis. To add up, Justin Beiber recently claimed that 1D decided to release their new album on the same day as his in order to generate publicity.

The accidental tweet by the Apple music about the song title “Drag me down” was officially confirmed by the One Direction boys later. An official release was made by Harry and Liam about the, song ‘perfect’, on twitter which goes as-

Liam: “Looks like the cat’s out of the bag!!! Our next single is perfect. Can’t wait for you all to hear it!”

Harry: “Our next single is called ‘perfect’.Looking forward to you hearing it, hope that you like those apples.”

By these tweets we can make out how excited they are for the release of their upcoming album “Nade in the A.M.” We can just hope its as good as Liam quoted “Look’s like cat’s out of the bag!!!”

Well! What can be the song about? What we can do is just make some guesses until we actually listen to it!The meaning behind the song ‘Perfect’ can be many.

It can be about Harry’s hair as everyone knows that he is known as the long-haired member of one direction, which makes him special but he even carries himself in a way that makes him look extremely hot and attractive resulting in a huge fan following. Or it can be about a perfect girl that all the boys of One Direction would love to date and have a relationship with. It can be about their perfect fans which keep them motivated and enthusiastic on making new pops. It can be a perfect send off to their ex-partner Zyan Mallik who recently left the group of five making it a group of four. It was a hard time for the One Direction’s band and also the fans to digest the fact of him leaving the group, but then as time passed we got better.

They have released a lot of hits and we just hope even this one turns out to be the biggest hit of the year.