Role of Technology in Our Lives


People have often been on a way of movement, yet on account of technology. At present, technology has changed development in a lot of ways. Some of the technology progress has turned into a necessity of life. It is because of their significance and our dependence on them.


Technological innovations in medical tools allow doctors to recognize diseases and conditions before time. It is likewise extending the chances of a viable treatment and saving lives. Latest pharmaceutical enables the patients to get information about their conditions. These conditions were once debilitating and life-undermining like diabetes and hypertension. People can also read about different diseases online on their PCs. They can also avoid those things which can make them sick. Technology likewise improves personal satisfaction for individuals all over the world. Technological innovations made it simple for us to know about different infections quickly. Some new devices are so useful for other purposes like for testing eyesight, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. They are not so expensive. Nowadays, people are generally keeping blood sugar and blood pressure instruments at home.

Education and Training

Computers and the Internet jointly took over the educational field. Computers are used in all field of education for different reasons. Students are also using them along with scanners and printers to get print outs and scan their documents. Computers can store a considerable measure of data in a little space. With the help of computers, students do not have to keep lots of books with themselves. The Internet fills in as a tremendous resource for learning. Likewise, it is interfacing instructive areas together.

It is likewise allowing the curious to filter for any specific topic. The computer could store numerous visual lessons, informative redirections and audio files. It likewise offers access to a plenitude of learning for a student. In the classroom, virtual whiteboards can replace sheets. They are empowering the teachers to give the insightful thing to students. Likewise, enlightening films are played without the need to set up a projector.


Technology has also extended our accessibility with cell phones and other devices. One of the areas where modern innovation is fundamental is in the space of correspondence. In older times, communication was a problem. It required communication by physical letter. But now, with the help of modern technology and internet, we can now converse with each other easily. There is no need to go out and or write a letter. You would only have to use different chatting apps like WhatsApp to call or message your dear ones.


Innovation has in like manner extended proficiency. Computers are of great use as they can be used to solve different calculations in seconds. They can also be used to save lots of information in different folders accordingly. Computers are also saving lots of time. In fact, even in the workplaces, computers are used to share and control data quickly. They can speed up the working. Also, laptops are used in the presentations of the organization’s meetings.

Last word

We are surrounded by different technological innovations. Technology is now an important need and part of our lives. We are now too much dependent on it.