Ron Howard Team Will Produce Real Life Anime – Tiger And Bunny – Announced at NY Comicon


I was watching a few news videos on Yahoo and came across one fluffed up announcement. Seriously, couldn’t hear the meat of the story because of all the damn company names being thrown into the mix – not counting the people names:

All Nippon Entertainment Works – ANEW x2, Bandai Namco Pictures, Imagine Entertainment.

For the sake of sounding normal, let’s just go with Mr Howard as the chief on this! Apparently, Ron Howard is going to give us a real life, English language ANIME production. They said it will be called TIGER AND BUNNY! Sounds adorable, right? They promise it will be as close to the original as possible. Okay, I know a little anime, but I’m totally rusty on the Tiger And Bunny super-hero series. My loss. Choices become really unlimited when you trade the tv for internet, and you can’t possibly view (or be aware of) everything available.

I’m already wondering if Bryce or Paige Howard will  be a part of the new Tiger & Bunny. I’m thinking OF COURSE they will. At least one of them. They are young and cute, and they’re actresses who can speak English. Easy decision right there. But for now, I have no idea who will be in it. Apparently it will be made for the big screen, so there will be that whole drawn out script reading, casting thing going on.

In fact, it’s so early in the game, that it is only an announcement. They haven’t even said who will be directing. I’m thinking they will have more than one director, right? Okay, as soon as there is more. We’ll update. While we wait, here’s a Tiger and Bunny video.