Rumors: Iggy Azalea Cut By TI After Argument With QTip,


For quite a while now, it’s been up and down with Iggy Azalea and the team she works with. It’s been said that TI has come to her defense numerous times. But a recent clap back on twitter was supposedly the last straw.

Iggy Azalea was reportedly working with teammate, Q Tip, but there was recent animosity aired in public. He gave her a lesson in HipHop history, and she clapped back at him, hinting it was foolish of him to fancy she didn’t know about the culture that persuaded her music. Quote from 12-14:

i find it patronizing to assume i have no knowledge of something I’m influenced by, but I’ve also grown up with strangers assuming that.

Britney Spears was there enough promotion on her part for iggy azalea pretty girls summer video
Britney Spears pretty girls screenshot

Iggy has had sooooo many beefs in the music circle. She recently complained that it was Britney Spears’ fault that their hot music video didn’t do so good. Evidently, Brit didn’t put enough promotion in to it, and apparently that was HER job, since Iggy was only a featured cast-member. But Britney just told her to F/O, basically.

Snoop Dogg shares iggy azalea no-makeup meme that angers iggy
Snoop Dogg shares iggy azalea no-makeup meme that angers iggy

There was also a wrangle between her and Mr SNOOP DOGG. Can you imagine her, new in the game, running her lips at him? Well, it all started because Snoop posted an Iggy no-makeup meme, and it was not very complimentary. So she went on the tweet train once again, but later deleted her posts. I hope this is not what prompted her to go and get some chin implants and a nose job. Maybe Iggy doesn’t have enough confidence to ride this out. I’m pretty sure that is not her in the meme to the left.

All of the Iggy Azalea fighting has been going back in forth for over a year. But the TI radio interview situation is only a few weeks old.

Okay, so Iggy released that really cute song FANCY, and another hit off the same album, but she hasn’t done much impressing since that time. She has spent a lot of time in tweet fights. I’m thinking there’s NOWAY for her to find positive energy if she continues to struggle with folks on social media.

The rumor of TI cutting ties with Iggy Azalea came after he was on a NY radio program some weeks back. He said he had not talked to her, and when he was told Iggy had a boyfriend, TI acted like that was news, he was like “OH, That’s Great”, etc.

Amid Iggy Azalea rumors TI talks about cat chat he had with jimmy iovine
img REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

I think the real clue to Iggy Azalea’s fate, came later in the interview (indirectly). TI told about a time he had a conversation with Jimmy Iovine. He said Jimmy told him that rappers these days cause a lot of problems. Jimmy described it as the sht being bigger than the cat.

TI said Jimmy Iovine told him, “If you buy a cat, and it’s a nice cat, and then you like the cat, but when it [shts], and the [sht] is bigger than him, well the cat got to go!”

So, I think that sort of sums up what is going to happen to Iggy Azalea if she doesn’t hurry up and do something really impressive music wise.

But, as for everyone saying that TI out-and-out severed his relationship with Iggy, announcing it on a radio program, it’s just not so. Iggy said she was shocked that he spoke about their partnership on the radio. She also said she didn’t know there were problems between TI until she heard it on the radio. Of course there was a followup from Iggy after TI made comments on the radio a few weeks ago. Quote from

Iggy Azalea is trying to clear the air after rapper T.I. revealed he has cut ties with her [after too much drama].

[Iggy tweeted Sept. 17, 2015] and revealed that while she is still on T.I.’s record label, she [didn’t know TI] wanted to part ways until his radio interview [w EBRO Broadcast in NY].

Are you an Iggy Azalea fan, do you feel she is misrepresenting the history of hiphop? Or do you even give a care either way? Are you only interested in performance? Here’s a clip of Iggy doing some dance moves with Jennifer Lopez.

Honestly, unless something was edited out of the interview, there’s no clear communique’ that TI and Iggy relations were aborted. Damn, people sure like to speculate! Wendy Williams even announced on her show 3 weeks ago that TI is sick of defending Iggy and he cut her like a bad habit.

Wendy Williams said TI had to cut Iggy like a bad habit after fight with Q Tip

Wendy says it’s because of Q Tip who is the most peaceful/calm person you can meet. Wendy went on to say that “Once you fight with Q Tip, you know you have a problem”. and: “So now [Iggy is] fighting with Q Tip, and that was the final straw,  and TI just had to say NO!”

Anyhow, if you want to see/hear the few words TI said on the Iggy topic, it’s in the interview below. Her name comes up shortly after the 2 minute mark. TI talks about the cat chat with Iovine near the end of the interview just after the 26 minute mark.