Samsung Galaxy Note 5 News, Features,Specs & Release Date: Silver Titanium, Pink Gold Models To Be Exclusively In Korea?


Samsung is planning to release two models of upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, namely the Pink Gold color and Silver Titanium. Reports say that Samsung’s upcoming smartphone models will be released exclusively in Korea.

According to VC Post, Samsung’s upcoming phone is expected to retain some features for instance, the SUPER AMOLED display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 5.9 inch curved screen. “On a side note, curved screens are actually patented by Apple. Its battery life had increased from 3220 mAh (Note 4) to 4000 mAh. And lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is reportedly to support a Gear VR.”

“The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Pink Gold model will be sold commencing Oct. 23 while the Silver Titanium model’s release date will be announced soon.  It was said that the Pink Gold model comes with a 64 6B internal storage capacity and will be sold for 965,800 Won (($860 USD),” according to Realty Today.

“The Silver Titanium model has two storage options: 32 GB and GB internal storage capacity which will be sold for 899,800 Won ($802 USD) and 965,800 Won ($860 USD) respectively.”

“Samsung actually showed the Silver Titanium Note 5 at the device’s announcement earlier this year, but so far it looks like the color has been a bit hard to come by in stores. That’ll change soon to South Korea with the launch of these Silver Titanium and Pink Gold models,” Phone Dog has stated Friday.

“Samsung has launched new colors for its flagship devices many times in the past, and so it’s not terribly surprising to see the company doing it again with the Note 5, especially with the Pink Gold that’ll give shoppers an Android alternative to Apple’s popular Rose Gold iPhone 6s,” the publication wrote.