Selena Gomez Never Wanted To Be A Tabloid Story, She Flipped 2 Years Of Hate Into A Revival


Selena Gomez’s October 8 interview on BILLBOARD was very revealing. She talked about how she has always tried to be nice to everybody and she never wanted to be just another story in a rag mag (hollywood #gossip). She said Hollywood Life is the worst!

…everyone is so vile to me. It’s so disappointing that I’ve become a tabloid story. It took away everything I loved about this business.

I wonder if we can read between the lines there. Hollywood took away what she loved about the business. I imagine Hollywood destroys a lot of ideas, relationships, and confidence.

Selena Gomez children of UNICEF

As part of doing good for others, she became one of the youngest ambassadors for UNICEF at age 17. The ambassador job entails being a good role model and raising awareness – it’s a United Nations children’s charity. There are a lot of celebrities who support the cause. She wanted to do good things and help others. You can read about UNICEF on their website at

Selena Gomez in bikiniSelena Gomez  said she has had a bumpy road for two years. She talked about one particular episode that came out of nowhere. She really didn’t worry too much about her body, you know, she was comfy in her own skin. Well this confidence became interrupted when she was photographed in a bikini while out having some fun on the surf. Then the tabloids and social media began making fun of her. #bodyshaming. Selena’s new headline was: HOT OR HEFTY?

I was in a bikini and got publicly ripped for being overweight. Revival was a way of taking control

I just want to say people can be complete jerks about the way a person looks, but anyway, back to Selena.

Selena, not being accustomed to all the hate coming her way, she decided she would have to handle it. And she took the hate and used it for motivation.

speaking about the drive behind her new album, she declares: “The hate motivated me.”

Also, it was reported that Selena Gomez had to take Chemo Therapy treatments for her health condition LUPUS. But the rumor mills went wild on her needing a little R&R, and chalked it up to her being addicted to (something). It has been a rough two years, indeed! Really, really, really glad she flipped it around to a positive. Many people cannot do that, well, not in a short time span, anyway!

Selena Gomez child actor on barney tv
Selena Gomez child actor on barney tv

Selena Gomez has been working since she was maybe the ripe old age of a second grader. I wonder if Selena’s ever thought about her retirement plans. She’s ten years ahead of most people who begin working at 18, even more for college grads!

She’s probably got enough money already to comfortably retire and take up a hobby or involve herself in a charity – start a family. A lot of celebs go that charity route once they’ve reached the top, but she is a little young for that at the moment.

We hope you’re enjoying Selena Gomez’s new songs. Here’s Selena’s video for Same Old Love from Revival.