“She’s Just Like Us”: Fans defended Malia Obama


Though Malia Obama is the president’s daughter but let’s not forget she is still a teenager and she just wants to have fun! The 17-year-old was criticized for reportedly playing beer pong and now her fans are defending her for her actions! Read their tweets here!

There is no harm in having a little fun! Some people are coming to Malia Obama‘s, 17, defense after she was reportedly caught engaging in a game of beer pong when she went on a college visit to Brown University on Oct. 14. While many may frown upon that action since she’s underage, others are standing by Malia’s side!

Go Local Prov wrote on Monday; ‘Malia was visiting a friend at Brown this weekend and stayed in Morris Hall at Brown. Security around the dorm building was high and visible.’ She first visited the Ivy League University last spring.Brown University had no comment when asked about the incident while the White House has yet to respond to a request for comment.

A Snapchat photo was uploaded on The Daily Caller which allegedly shows Malia Obama at a Brown University party last weekend. She was seen standing in front of a table set up for beer pong in the alleged picture but is not seen drinking or playing the game. Malia stayed in one of the school’s dormitories during her stay.

Being the daughter to one of the most powerful men in the world can be unnerving. The 17-year-old could’ve just been in the wrong place at the wrong time! Malia was snapped standing next to a beer pong table, causing people to assume that the young girl was engaging in the drinking game. While it has yet to be confirmed or denied that Malia was playing and/or drinking alcohol, many have come to the eldest Obama’s side.

She’s “just like the rest of us,” some are saying in Malia’s defense! Just read what some of these people had to say about Malia’s fun time at Brown University.

Although Malia is a teenager who probably just wants to have fun, she is younger than the legal drinking age. But, that’s not to say that she’s the first underage person to drink alcohol! Jenna and Barbara Bush were only 19 when they were cited in Texas for underage drinking in 2001 at a popular Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin. Needless to say, Malia being caught next to a beer pong table is very mild in comparison to what happened to former President George W. Bush‘s twin daughters.

But of all she is underage and should not have done such things even though the security was tight. Some may hem and haw that it’s inappropriate for a first daughter to participate in such sophomoric behavior and to consume alcohol while underage (the latter of which we don’t condone, obviously), but to that we say: sit down. Given the unenviable pressure of having your the Leader of the Free World as your father, we’re glad that Malia has a shot at a relatively normal social life, if even for a single game of 10-cup at some sweaty dorm room party.