‘Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom’ News, Gameplay & Update: Sega’s New Mobile Game Coming Soon


Avid fans of the popular blue hedgehog character, Sonic will soon be playing their favorite character in mobile devices. This is after a report has surfaced on Thursday saying that both game developers— Sega and Hardlight Studios are slated to release the “Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.”

“When we first were creating Dash 2 we looked at the success of Dash 1.” Ruby Urlings of Hardlight Studios said, according to iDigital Times. “So we made sure we kept the key elements that made it a success and then listen to what the fans were missing and what they asked for was more varied gameplay.”

The game was popular, according to Adweek, because of its “endless runner starring the famous blue hedgehog, which challenges players to run as long as possible to complete challenges and earn points.”

“Players swipe left and right to move Sonic between running lanes, and swipe up and down to jump over or roll under obstacles. Players can also roll into enemies on the path to defeat them. Gamers collect blue dash orbs as they run, which charge the dash meter at the top of the screen,” the publication wrote.

“Once filled, players double-tap to trigger a moment of invincibility, which sends them quickly forward, ignoring all obstacles,” it added.

Realty Today reports that “players will assume the role of Sonic in the game and they can actually collect two sets of rings, namely: either the free gold rings or the premium red rings.”

It added that “players can use the red rings to buy additional characters when they eventually lose in the game. While the gold rings can be used for to upgrade for characters, among others.” “Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom” can now be downloaded via Apple iOS and will arrive in Android platform on Oct. 15.