Steve Martin Takes You On The Best Elevator Ride Of Your Life! Watch Him Banjo With Edie Brickell


I was on Steve Martin’s twitter page today @SteveMartinToGo, and he had a funny tweet. It said the only thing he ever had go viral was his throat. Then I clicked on the link he paired with the message. It took me to a video on Facebook, for one of the tracks off his new album with Edie Brickell.

I went to YouTube to find it, so I could post it here. Anyhow, It’s coming October 30th – SO FAMILIAR. The track released in the video is Won’t Go Back. Steve Martin is one heck of a Banjo player, and Edie is quite the singer.

Best Elevator Ride Ever?

I enjoyed the fun little song. I tell you what made me laugh so much, is one of the comments on the video posted on Facebook. Somebody wanted to know when did Steve Martin move from comedy and start playing the Banjo. I was like Whaaaaaat? Come on, who doesn’t know Steve picks the banjo?

Well, if you didn’t know he plays, but you’re a fan of his comedy/movies – I guess you’ve just experienced a big surprise. Of course, since this is a video production, it’s definitely not the same as a live performance. So, let’s put a little clip of him playing live, just to round out the awesomeness of Steve Martin.

Steve Martin with Earl Scruggs on David Letterman 10 years ago