‘Super Smash Bros 4’ Update, Gameplay, News & DLC: New Leak Photo Reveals Shovel Knight, Runbow Characters


A new DLC will add more characters to the “Super Smash Bros 4” video game via DLC. Both die-hard fans and players of the game will expect Shovel Knight, Runbow and other characters. The news comes after new details of the game have been leaked by 4chan.

A leaked photo of the game’s DLC by 4chan has revealed that Shovel Knight will be additional character in the game. Included also is Runbow, an indie game that has been earning good reviews from Wii U gamers.

“But despite the new wave of excitement these details would bring to the “Super Smash Bros 4”, industry experts who are familiar with the game are wary of the authenticity of the leaked photos. For instance, the inclusion of the Shovel Knight in the game is indeed a big surprise, but the recent screenshots have provided less convincing evidence. In fact, some details of the Shovel Knight character is just plainly awkward to believe and same doubt has been cast to the inclusion of Runbow,” Realty Today said.

New Mii costumes are also revealed which will be worn by various characters.

  • Shantae
  • Krystal
  • Waluigi (Overalls Only)
  • Ice Climber (Male is Popo, female is Nana)
  • Chibi Robo
  • Magnus
  • Kumatora
  • Maked Man
  • Pokemon Trainer (Male is red, I have not seen the female one yet)