Taylor Swift’s ‘GQ’ Cover


From the latest ‘GQ’ cover of the stunning and bold Taylor Swift, it is clearly shown that for her, her squad fills an important role in her life. In the ‘GQ’ cover, her look at the beachside photo-shoot is very stunning and casual.

In an interview, she exclaimed that her girl’s squad is important for her maybe because she didn’t have many female friends during her school days or high school which makes them an important part in her present life. About her song “Bad Blood,” she explained herself saying that her song did not point at a specific person. The song indeed, had marks specifying a person but moreover it was about a break-up of friendship.

She was portrayed as a crazy ex-girlfriend which used to hurt her a lot. This all started when her song “Blank Space” was released. She used her creative mind in writing that song mentioning that she would be crazy yet in a way seductive. She was affected by the way media portrayed her. But later on as days passed she got over it and took it all in a hilarious way.

Now she is a successful singer and a person. This is all because of her hard-work. When children used to watch shows, she used to see the behind the scenes. She used to watch them in order to understand what they were lacking in their shows that did not let them flourish more.

After observing, she came to a conclusion that the band lacks self-awareness which is the must for them. After coming to this conclusion, she made sure that she preserved self-awareness  because that was the thing which seemed to be the first thing to go out the door when people found success.

Taylor in her day to day life has got many people around her. So when it comes to being at home she is still surrounded with Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Pheobe and Joey – The Friends which are always there for her at home. So she is never alone!

Taylor enjoys being alone, loves to have some time on her own and to spend time with herself. In the beginning of her career as well as anyone in her field was always told that just enjoy what is going on presently. While doing so, Taylor learned how to enjoy her time and work.

She has sold 1 million albums three times, in a week. She is the most significant pop artist with few exceptions like Kayne West and Beyonce Knowles.

Taylor Swift is a very hardworking as well as a talented pop-star. We hope to see more albums and songs launched by her. Please write your reviews or comments in the box given below.