Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ve probably heard that Taylor Swift has had her fair share of Kardashian drama. The story begins when Kanye West released his hit song “Famous” with the ever controversial lyrics: “For all my Southside ni**as that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that b*tch famous”

Any self-respecting woman would be upset to be referred to in that line, and as such Taylor Swift responded by expressing her disappointment and calling the lyrics “misogynistic”.

Kim Defends her Husband

However, what complicates this seemingly simple story, is that Kim Kardashian West took to snapchat shortly after Taylor expressed her disapproval with the lyrics and exposed a series of videos that show a phone conversation between Kanye and Taylor before the song was released. In that conversation, Kanye clearly asks Taylor what she thinks about the lyrics and states that he would rather not release the lines if she didn’t approve of them before. Taylor seems to be friendly and approving about the lyrics, thanking him for playing them for her before the release and describing the “sex” lyric as a compliment.

Taylor Lashes Backs

The videos show that Taylor may in fact be a liar, who approved the lyrics initially but later flipped in a ploy to gain publicity from the stunt. The internet has since gone wild with memes about Taylor, Kim and Kanye. Finally Taylor took to instagram to respond to the allegations that she was a liar, by issuing the statement:

Taylor 2

Apparently, there is nothing in the video that proves Taylor had approved the specific line where Kanye says “I made that b*tch famous”. She claims she wanted to like the song and wanted to be supportive but couldn’t approve a song she had never heard.