The Knick Season 2 Countdown Begins


The Knick is an American television series which started on 8th august 2014 with season 1. It ended on 17th October 2014. It is a medical drama on Cinemax created by Jack Amiel and MichaelBegler. It is directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring by Clive Owen.

In season one it completed 10 episodes. Its running time was forty-two to fifty-seven minutes. On July 10, 2014 Cinemax renewed The Knick for a ten-episode second season, scheduled to premiere on October 16, 2015.

After the first season aired, IGN reviewer Matt Fowler gave it an 8.6 out of 10 score, saying “The Knick was impressive, intense television – with fascinating ferociously to the forefront by Soderbergh’s adept hand. It was hard to watch at times, both due to gore and pure  depressing content , but it was always thought – provoking and incredibly well-rendered.

The season 2 will start on October 16, 2015. It will be on Cinemax at 10 p.m. In season one ,Amiel and Begler,were the ones who ended up the season by wrapping up a series of story lines, the most important being Thackery’s checking into an early incarnation of a rehab facility after his rampant condition. But the season one of 10 episode was not enough to give justice to the Thackery and Edwards stories, not to mention the fate of a struggling hospital.

The season two begins with the continuation of all those issues promptly, and all of the wonderful supporting characters – including Lucy (Eve Hewson), Bertie (Michael Angarona), Cleary (Chris Sullivan) and Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) – are present and doing wonderful work and entertaining us to their fullest.

In the second episode of the Knik Season 2, the father of the nurse goes miss. Lucy Elkins comes to visit her in the hospital. When he meets his daughter, her daughter, Lucy , takes him for a walk inside the hospital showing him all the rooms. She then shows her father the operating theater of the Knicker Bocker hospital, Circa 1901. Guess what happens after this… It’s a moment for everyone and anyone who have watched the fascinating, cringe – inducing surgery scenes from season one of The Knick to let out a well – earned belly laugh.

The Knick television series is one of the most wanted series by everyone because of its wonderful and interesting story lines. This show has got a great set of characters that have been entertaining us since day one and will continue to do so. The countdown for the Season 2 begins.Let’s just hope it’s more interesting and is funnier than the first season.

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