The Last Witch Hunter, Countdown begins!


The Last Witch Hunter is a supernatural action film, which has Vin Diesel as the main lead. This movie is produced by Mark Canton, Bernie Goldman and Vin Diesel himself. Berck Eisner is the director of it. In any movie, music plays an important role, in either building up the climax or making the story more suspense or even adding a little romantic touch to it. In this movie, Steve Jablonsky has done the music.

The cinematography is done by Dean Semler. The movie is edited by Chris Lebenzon. The budget of this movie is $90 million. The film’s New York City premiere was held at the Loews Lincoln Square on 13th October 2015. In the movie, Israel Baldecanas has played the role of the Witch Queen.

This movie is scheduled to release on 23rd October 2015. It’s a movie about witches who are trying to destroy humanity by increasing their numbers and making a strong and large group. This all takes place in New York City. To prevent the destruction of humanity by the plague of the witches in the New York City, there comes a witch hunter who is immortal. That person is no one except for Vin Diesel. He plays the role of the witch hunter. He takes up the job to kill all the witches and save the New York City. This movie is all about how Vin and the female witch try to save humanity from the most horrifying witches from the history.

The witches are strong as smart. So to kill them, he(Vin Diesel) will require some assistance. He had to take help from a witch! This part was kind of unbelievable for him because he never thought that he could survive with a witch nor even take help from! He took help from a young, smart, beautiful and talented witch who was ready to help him. This shows that the witch was good at heart, unlike the other witches who wanted to destroy humanity and erase every detail of it. They both worked upon how they could kill the witches before they could start ravaging the New York City.

The movie is yet to be released and by the given information about it, we can say that is going to be a great and interesting movie. At the primer of this movie, Ciara, 29-years old actress, flaunted her cleavage and her legs till her thigh. Her dress was sexy and explosive which left the very little imagination to be used by the viewer’s. She was wearing a black halterneck gown.

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Let’s just hope the movie is as good as they portray it to us. Please write your comments and reviews in the box given below.