The Walking Dead 6 Breaks Total Number of Zombies Record


“The Walking Dead” is a serial drama and a horror which has completed 5 seasons and has season-6 running with an upcoming episode 2. The Walking Dead is composed by Bear McCreary and developed for by Frank Darabont the series is based on the eponymous series of comic books by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It has completed sixty-eight episodes till date with running time as 42-67 minutes. Season 6 was first aired on 11th October 2015 and is to be last aired on 3rd April 2016.

In season 6 while burying the body of Pete outside the wall with Rick, they find a rock quarry filled with thousands of walkers while Morgan is allowed to stay in the Safe Zone. To reveal the existence of the quarry, Rick assembles a meeting asking for help to lure the walkers out and away from Alexandria. During this planning, a resident of Alexandria, Carter tries to overtake the safe zone but faces disappointment. The plan to an extent becomes successful and the walkers get diverted, but a horn begins to blare which attracts all the walkers to Alexandria. They face trouble assimilating into Alexandria and any new threat could bring them closer or drive them further apart. Anything could happen.

Season 6 will contain the maximum number of Zombies compared to all the other seasons. During the shoots, there were thousand people who were present for the zombie’s makeup and only twelve make-up artists. The make-up artists would start doing the makeup at 4 a.m. and till the time they finished the make-up work the people of the first batch would come for the clean-up. The make-up artists were the hardest working ones who played their role to their fullest and hardly took breaks!

Mr. Nicotere estimates that the total amount of fake blood used in the past six years of The Walking Dead was 6000 liters, however, he claims that the 1st episode of season 6 was so enormous that the amount of fake blood used in the past three years easily surpasses all of those years combined.

In the season 6 there are altogether 16 episodes out of which one is already released. In this season we would be able to see new people or we can say characters maybe, from the comics. Three new actors were cast to portray in this season, which includes Corey Hawkins as Health, a long running character from the comic book who is a real close friend of Glenn Rhee. This is how this season might give us new and interesting surprises which will entertain us as always. Now we are waiting for the 2nd episode to make us thrilled with their story!
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